Booking agent Jai Latimore founded the Award winning band Blu Pi which caught the attention of many November of 2016 when Multi Grammy Winner CeeLo Green discovered them via YouTube and requested them to enter his Nationwide Band Competition "10 Years Crazy". After making it to the finals, Blu Pi took home the 3rd place national award and lots of bragging rights and open doors! 


The band is made up of 5 musicians Josh(Drummer boy)Buttler on Drums, Joe Cosper on Keys, Josh Walker on Keys, Andrew Martinez on Bass,and 2 singers, the soulful voice of lead vocalist Rau-Elle Wilkins and the powerful and diverse sound of Mary Allen. Occasionally, piano sensation Kofi Boakye joins in to add to the dynamic sound of this up and coming band.

Blu Pi started off as a math study group who later discovered that they had more in common than numbers and greek symbols. Each of them were active musicians in one way or the other and at the request of a classmate, they agreed to be the live entertainment at his wedding; Little did they know, this was the start of their music career as a band.


The group have partnered with an top booking company who took over all promotions and bookings and since those changes, the band have been in high demand! Blu Pi's love for music is the true source of their chemistry but the bond they have as friends is what keeps them together. Trying to defy physics may be challenging for these future rocket scientis, but booking them... Is easy as Pi.

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